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In desperate need of new clothes for spring!

My old spring/summer clothing no longer fit,

&due to my current situation of 2 years jobless/disabled, I can’t afford to shop

so if any of you fashionable ladies are kind enough to ‘goodwill’ your unwanted/ill-fitting clothing to a girl in need, I would be forever thankful.

I’ll also photograph myself in the clothing,

& link back to you/your blog for your awesomeness and some recognition!

I hope that’s a decent enough trade!!! (:

Looking for: Flowy dresses, long and short. Tops. & Skirts. Tunics & Sweaters.

(I love color, bold prints, lace, textures, whimsical style, vintage: 50’s-70’s, victorian, punk&cyber punk as well as mod/boho fahsions!!!)

I’m about 106-110pounds and 5’8. I usually take a size medium. Depends on brands and judgement calls. I have small boobs; so I can get away with a small, if the shirt is long enough, or it’s a dress. ^.^


if you’d like to donate a gift card;

I shop at: Wet Seal, Forever 21, Delia’s, Heritage 1981, Alloy, Plasticland, CharloetteRusse, Rue 21, Fredflare & Agaci


purchase my photographic prints: here or here

& lastly,

Penpal donations can be made at <3

ALL of these things would help support & help me more than I can verbally express. Please reblog so more people may see. Thank you so so much. (: