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I’m back <3

Please excuse my long internet absence, my health became priority number one and I pretty much dropped everything else in my life until I was at a point where I knew I could start truly living again. Life has changed so much since my last posts..new+better meds, ideas, shoots& artist collabs and even a new puppy!! :D I’ll update you on all the different aspects in various posts coming soon. I’m also thinking about using blogspot along side tumblr..but I’m not sure yet… I already have a few other websites in need of taking care of and updating. ^.^


After years of being ill and unable to gain weight..
My body is more stable, becoming a fit and healthy weight, steadily gaining.
In shock, excited, and SO PUMPED!!! 5-10 more pounds and I’m BACK! :D
Hoping this means my abdominal migraines are subsiding as well. ^.^
**Please do not reblog this photo because you want inspiration to be ‘tiny’/are an eating disorder journal. IF YOU THINK BEING “THIN” IS AWESOME. STOP IT. STOP STARVING YOURSELF. (and please, be kind. these are images of my body after a nine pound gain in weight which I am very proud of..Negative comments are not necessary when I’m trying to document a positive change in my life.)

Molly. You were the best little lady friend anyone could ask for.
We miss you every day. I’m still learning how to not cry when I think of you;
Forever a major part of my heart, you taught me what unconditional love was,
how good it felt to give the love I received, and that only the best truly do die young. :-*


Angel in the sky, make sure to shine your star the brightest <3