After years of being ill and unable to gain weight..
My body is more stable, becoming a fit and healthy weight, steadily gaining.
In shock, excited, and SO PUMPED!!! 5-10 more pounds and I’m BACK! :D
Hoping this means my abdominal migraines are subsiding as well. ^.^
**Please do not reblog this photo because you want inspiration to be ‘tiny’/are an eating disorder journal. IF YOU THINK BEING “THIN” IS AWESOME. STOP IT. STOP STARVING YOURSELF. (and please, be kind. these are images of my body after a nine pound gain in weight which I am very proud of..Negative comments are not necessary when I’m trying to document a positive change in my life.)

Model, Makeup: Clarabellafaire
Photographer: Angelia D
Feb 25, 2013
After our shoot, photographed with Instax Polaroids <3

Feb 22, 2013 | Clarabellafaire modeling

Feb 22, 2013 | Clarabellafaire modeling

I get some AMAZING things from some beauuufitul people. &lt;3
Left to Right:
1. mini blue hair accessory2. green floral bracelet3. Pink fabric and feather flower hair accessory4. Muse OWL earrings (hiding)5. Adorable money bankI still owe a few people packages; just waiting to get steady money together so I can send some worthy items. ^.^

I get some AMAZING things from some beauuufitul people. <3

Left to Right:

1. mini blue hair accessory
2. green floral bracelet
3. Pink fabric and feather flower hair accessory
4. Muse OWL earrings (hiding)
5. Adorable money bank

I still owe a few people packages; just waiting to get steady money together so I can send some worthy items. ^.^

Molly. You were the best little lady friend anyone could ask for.
We miss you every day. I’m still learning how to not cry when I think of you;
Forever a major part of my heart, you taught me what unconditional love was,
how good it felt to give the love I received, and that only the best truly do die young. :-*


Angel in the sky, make sure to shine your star the brightest <3

I got a letter in the mail today

and my brain isn’t sure how to process the information.




And now I no longer know what words to communicate.

North St. Pittsfield, MA; November 30, 2012

Night time autumn walks, breathing in the crisp air, feeling the chill but being distracted by nature’s beauty. Stunning purple clouds covering the entire sky, enhancing the blank navy blue mountain curves. city lights shimmer in the distance through the naked tree limbs. Details of a perfect night replaying on the mind like a busy film projector.

Getting ready for the morning; I have my Cosmetology orientation!

Keep me in your thoughts / wish me luck! Please and thank you<3

slvr-blackbunny asked: Do you like Makeup??

Like?? I LOVE makeup!! It’s one of the things in my life I’m most passionate about- I adore playing with unique or bright eye shadows, creating strange color combinations, then there are all the different ways of wearing the makeup *faint* TOO much fun. (: and of course staring at beautiful photos of whimsical makeup ideas, horror fx, eccentric glamour photos, etc..  :D

I’m about to start school again- getting my cosmetology license. ^.^ Starting with hair, then going to makeup, I plan on learning about it all professionally so I can be an even BETTER stylist for on set of my photo shoots!! <3 

Going back to school! Getting my cosmetology license :D

It was something that’s been lingering about in the back of my mind for a very long time (years), yet it ended up happening extremely fast- the day after thinking about it&discussing it with my family, I had an appointment set-up with the school, and the day after that I was enrolled and already feeling at home with the people there. ^.^

I start mid November and will be finished as well as have my license Nov 2013!

If you want to help and have fun while you get your nails, makeup or hair done by me…let me know! Both Women and Men. It’ll help me a great deal for my schoolwork and you’ll look&feel fabulous!! :D

I’m so excited!; this + my photography = my dream life. I’m living it! Finally<3