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“A three second exposure meant that subjects had to stand very still to avoid being blurred, and holding a smile for that period was tricky. As a result, we have a tendency to see our Victorian ancestors as even more formal and stern than they might have been.”

Various hospital stays over 2014, and I’ll have even more photos tomorrow, when I’ll be admitted into the hospital to get necessary nutrition through a Medi-pick in preparation for the Major surgery I’ll be having next week. 

I have no idea how long I’ll be there after surgery, it may be a 12-16 day stay, completely depending on how well the procedure goes and how quickly my body is able to recover. I’ll be honest, I’m excited but anxious, and so very, very, tired. This will be my third medical procedure/second surgery in a 2.5month span — I recently had my gallbladder and evil scar tissue removed. *scrunches nose* The things I have to go through just to survive each day are truly mind boggling..but I won’t go into that because it would be an entire book. ;)

Right now my body is dealing with an illness (SMA syndrome) that literally does not allow the body to properly digest any nutrients, therefore I’ve lost 30 pounds (holy shit) even when eating well, and more food than before. It either doesn’t digest, or it does but no nourishment is given to my body. Let me tell you, It isn’t easy to eat when you feel food go through your entire system and it’s physically painful for hours afterward. ESPECIALLY if it’s junk/processed food. I’ve been battling my own body for six years now, never knowing when a migraine, abdominal seizure, or “cyclic vomiting” will attack. I’ve actually become acutely aware of my own body and can feel an episode 4-6 hours before it hits, but never know if it’ll be a quick, passing thing, or the severe type that sends me to the Emergency Room. A place I have seen far too much of this past year. Nearly 80 ER visits in less than 9 months, it was no longer an annoying, stressful time, I was now terrified by the severity of the symptoms, my weight loss, and the fact I had SMA on top of other illnesses, and no one was working on it, basically until I began begging for anyone to listen and help me. Finally, the universe allowed it and things came together. (:

I can’t express in words the depth of my passion and drive. I think they’re what’s been giving me the strength to get through seemingly impossible and devastating circumstances. The day I’m *finally* working on art full time, traveling, shooting in castles, cathedrals, overflowing gardens and old mansions, designing, walking runway shows-modeling talented designers, making gallery appearances and publishing books.. I will be THE happiest, most gracious, thankful person to walk this earth, will not only appreciate but love every photo, every collaborator, every second of being creative and adventuring this beautiful land. It is in my very core, my heart, my soul, to create and it the hardest feeling having to wait for it because of my health. Especially since it’s something I had in the palm of my hand, and lost in a flash to this illness. You can bet I will make sure the second time around is a whoooole lot more fun!!

I know all of this will be worth it when I’m living out my dream. And I hope you’re there with me while I grow, live, and experience it. xox


Chinese Couple Takes Wedding Photos in Gas Masks to Protest Beijing Pollution | Via Daily Mail UK / Image credits: HAP/Quirky China News/REX

Your wedding day is a testament of hope and commitment to the future. This clever Chinese couple decided to use their wedding day to make another testament, too. They donned gas masks for their wedding day to illustrate the horrible state of pollution in Beijing and throughout China. The images are both creatively memorable and an eerie statement against air pollution. Pollution in Beijing has reached high enough proportions that citizens must wear paper masks to avoid breathing in particles that can enter their bloodstream.

This couple’s bold move is a powerful statement to China and the world that pollution needs to be stopped to have the futures we all dream of. Hopefully this couple does not become victim of oppression now that they used their creativity to showcase China’s problems to the world.


Photographer: Eva van OostenModel: Sophie Wubbels


Photographer: Eva van Oosten
Model: Sophie Wubbels

Is it odd I want to get lipstick colors that match bleen, pellow, and gred? <3

Drawn from one of my Stock images, this colorful/dark painting holds my heart.

Drawn from one of my Stock images, this colorful/dark painting holds my heart.

divaneee: Sunset at the Pyramids, Cairo

divaneee: Sunset at the Pyramids, Cairo